Ready, Set, GO!

So there’s this new Expansion launching tonight…Mists of Pandaria. You may have heard of it. Well, my buddy and guild-mate Ceraphus and I will be racing to 90 together. An absolute MARATHON of epic proportions fueled by Mio, Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Pizza Rolls, trail mix, and our geek-drenaline! Yes we got our wives’ permission for this. Yes we have a plan. Yes we will try to be Dalaran Realm first Death Knight and Hunter. Yes we are complete fools.

We have other guild members equally stoked to begin playing at 3 am EST. I don’t think anyone else has the same commitment to “Play until I hit 90” that we do, but their company whilst on our adventure into Panda-land will be most welcome. As always when attempting such marathon playing times, some simple rules should be followed.

  • At least once per hour, do ANYTHING other than sit. Stand, jumping jacks, push ups, even just kneeling while playing is better than sitting non stop.
  • Use the bathroom!!! Do not hold it until you are ready to explode. Stop put yourself on follow. Then hit the powder room! It won’t take long and your innards will thank you for it.
  • Drink water! Many use energy drinks or soda (not me actually), or coffee, perhaps even alcohol based beverages of some kind…WATER is what you need.
  • If you begin feeling shoulder or neck pain, stretch. Don’t wait, don’t just take some Tylenol and hope it disappears….take a moment to stretch.
  • If you become so exhausted as to be drooling on your keyboard…take a break. Take a nap. I know it seemingly defeats your overall purpose, but if you are partnering with someone, you will be of no help to them if you are drooling on the keyboard passed out. Better to quickly catch 30-60 min of sleep and get a little recharge.
  • Speaking of sleep…sleep BEFORE HAND. Yes, go to bed very early and wake up to start leveling. Get that cat nap in before if you can!
  • Use all you little trinkets to your advantage. Empty bags and logs are a no-brainer, but be sure you have your various hearthing/porting goodies. A tabard, ring, cloak, stone, etc. Any and all ways to quickly get back to places. Have your Stormwind cloak that you can use every 60 min? Awesome…set your stone to somewhere in Pandaria and then you can quickly port around without travel time. Mobile banking, Argent Crusadeling, Travelling Tundra Mammoth….all items that can help you speed up your journey to 90.

Remember while some folks will argue against doing this and say you should take your time and enjoy the content, I say I can enjoy it either way. Most folks will take their time on the first toon, but then power level and rush around with subsequent trips on alts through the 85-90 content. Rushing through it now, and then taking my fine time with my alts (advantage of a second level 85 hunter :)) does not detract from my enjoyment of new content to see. Make a choice and be confident that you will get the most out of the game either way.

So in the end, we are prepared. Will we become realm firsts? Who knows, we’ll give it a good try though! Look for us both on Twitter (@Ceraphus and @Quoriwow) to exclaim our victory or heart crushing defeat. See you all in Pandaria!


Blizzcon 2012, Here I come….errr waitaminute!!!

So, no Blizzcon 2012 eh?

Disappointing…sure. Expected…YES! Here’s why:

  1. 2012 game launch: Diablo 3
  2. 2012 game launch: Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
  3. 2012 game launch: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

So, right there you’re thinking…SO! That was on tap long before 2012, plan ahead dammit, and they’ve had game launches even multiple and still had a Blizzcon. WTF?! Yes, but look at those three titles a little more closely.

Diablo 3: Long anticipated follow up. Final tweaks and revisions going on now. A MUST home-run on this title.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm: Now, I am anticipating this won’t actually launch in 2012 but rather in 2013..however timing wise 2012 would make more sense. Wings is getting long in the tooth already for the gaming community. Swarm has been teased enough to this point. Again, it HAS to be a home-run. It cannot miss.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria: The supposed LAST expansion for WoW. I say supposed only because if…IF…the next gen MMO is not ready for any kind of release, Blizzard will want WoW to have longer legs. So expect at least the possibility of one more expansion to be the back up plan. Additionally, its still possible that Project Titan is in fact the next gen MMO and next gen WoW all in one…WoW 2.0 if you will. Point blank…MoP CANNOT be a failure. If its the last Xpac, then it must leave a good taste in the community’s mouth. If it is not the last one, it must keep players interested a little longer until their next gen is ready for the world.

Now this is enough for them to really want to hunker down and focus on game development and release. No distractions, cancel all vacations and leave, call in the reserves!!! However, there is another consideration here…Blizzard is a business folks. Conventions, Demos, and Symposiums like Blizzcon are all about one thing…driving revenue shares. I.E. MAKE MORE MONEY. Corporations use these things to create buzz about their products usually enhancements or new releases. Assuming the above three titles launch before or near October 2012, they will not be on the table for discussion and stir. Starcraft 2: Operation Protoss, Diablo 4…too far out for any kind of buzz. Only one thing left to talk about, thats right….Titan.

So, what is Titan? We have no clue. Blizzard is more tight lipped about Titan than Romney was about his tax bracket!! How far out is Titan, well up until today I would have said no idea…but this tells me one thing: YEARS. I suspect Blizzcon 2013 will be all about Titan, what ever it is. There will be a nostalgia component about the “retirement of World of Warcraft” and what its future holds (because believe me…they will NOT let a franchise this successful just fade to nothing), the Protoss expansion of SC2 will be previewed and discussed, the ongoing enhancements to D3 (assuming there are any – which I gather there would be), and finally the showcase of Titan.

So will it be worth the wait?

Full announcement from Blizzard.

What Steve Jobs meant to me…

Steve Jobs is gone. The world just lost one of its better angels. Like or hate Apple products, people should be sad.

I spent most of last night hearing Windows users make fun of the fact that Jobs is gone. Ironic, their games wouldn’t be here without Apple’s push for better GUIs. They tweeted and texted on their smart phones, which wouldn’t exist if Apple hadn’t pushed the industry there. The computers they play games on wouldn’t exist if not for Apple’s insistence that home based personal computers was the way to go.

Interestingly enough Jobs said something so eloquently…”customers don’t know what they want, until we invent it for them.”

I have always held to the foundation of my love and loyalty to Apple…They give me everything I need AND want. Someone argued with me, well, that’s because you take what they give you and accept it like a lamb/sheep. Well…YEAH! It’s always what I end up NEEDING!!! That’s the BEST kind of retailer/developer…the one that anticipates my needs and solves for them, prior to me knowing I even wanted it!

What does that say about Apple and Steve Jobs as innovators?! They created the smart phone! They created the PDA! They created the all-in-one computer (OMG I LOVE MY iMAC!)! They created the tablet – when NO ONE wanted the damn thing, and anyone who has it can’t live without it!

And the very best part of Steve Jobs and his imprint on Apple…he never needed someone chasing for him to do it! I recall a lunch time conversation with two friends one day…about competition and its benefits to innovation (#1 being chased by #2, vs a monopoly in a market). Apple doesn’t care about competition…The motivator for them has always been themselves. Get better, keep moving forward, do more, be more, give more. People think this is the end of Apple, it will go down-hill…I say ABSOLUTELY NOT!

This will make Apple better…because now…NOW…you have something to live up to. Now, you have a ghost haunting your halls…a voice in your heads…watching your every move. NOW, you have Steve Jobs’ ghost pushing you. It will make you better.

To Apple: YOU ALL HAVE BIG SHOES TO FILL! Make him proud. Make your supporters proud. Do his memory proud….for it is not what you have accomplished with him that defines his legacy, it is what you do now that he is gone that will define you and his legacy!

As Captain Miller stated so perfectly in Saving Private Ryan, “Earn this.”

Just my 2 cents




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Google search terms and the origin of Quori…

So Google is a wonderful tool we all use on a near daily basis, some of us even hourly! I always found the search-terms listings you can pull that lead to your site to be interesting to say the very least. Bots, spiders, and random combination can make for an interesting list. I have the below list for hits driven here, I bolded the most interesting ones (with commentary included ).

BUT! Before that, let me give an explanation as to where Quori comes from. Most search results will speak to the Dungeons & Dragons Eberron campaign. That was created in 2002 by Keith Baker of WotC.


The quori are nightmarish beings from the plane of Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams. The quori lifecycle is somehow connected to Eberron; specifically, each new Age on Eberron changes the nature of Dal Quor, causing the otherwise immortal Quori to die and be reborn into a form more fitting to the new age.

Now, back in the mid nineties while I was going to college, I did a comic strip in our school paper titled, the Rapture. I had fleshed out numerous pieces of the story and characters prior to that. The main character was a fallen angel named Quori! The point of the story was Quori’s own growth and maturation: stop trying to understand everything and be true to yourself. So, that’s where Q came from…around 1993 or so is when he came into being.

Now…onto the top errr…100?!?

  • money
  • wow hunter hall
  • surviving wow
  • quori sex (Wait…I errr…um, ok. WHY?! Why would anyone use this combination ever?!?)
  • surviving wow with quori
  • quori
  • hunter hall wow
  • frostheim cloak
  • wowhunterhall
  • quori wow
  • whh wow
  • warcraft hunter hall
  • wow hunter survival spec firelands
  • my guild sucks (This is funny to me. I am apparently a resource for suck-tastic guilds having experienced plenty of them?!)
  • why does my guild suck
  • wow hunter
  • pinigai (I really don’t even know WTF this is)
  • sex quori (AGAIN! Seriously, very disturbing this is! Very!!!)
  • wow throne of the four winds set up
  • it’s a marathon not a sprint
  • world of warcraft love letter
  • frostheim guild (I am NOT Frostheim. I do not have excess wrist hair, nor am I uncommonly good looking. My wrists are slightly and strong, and I am exceptionally sexy. At least she tells me I am, so yeah I believe her.)
  • baradin hold pet tank
  • guild hates me
  • my guild hates me wow
  • baradin hold pet tanking
  • chimearon fight bwd
  • wow chimearon bwd
  • wow whh
  • first to 10 million damage target dummy
  • wow why does my guild suck?
  • viewless wings druid tanking
  • wow frostheim
  • guild hates me what should i do
  • wow guild management add ons
  • 10 man guild wow
  • i cant mail a letter to someone on wow (Soooo, am I now part of Blizzard’s help desk? Can I get moniez nao pls?!)
  • world of warcraft cataclysm firelands sv hunter
  • my hunter sucks on wow
  • bastion of twilight mount
  • marksman hunter bis tier 12
  • hunter survival t12
  • chimearon bot down
  • wow cata 10man first raid?
  • quori warcraft
  • wow hunter t12
  • wow my raid hates me
  • it’s never about surviving (Actually, its ALWAYS about surviving. Methinks someone missed the concept here.)
  • survival raiding firelands
  • how to not take it personally
  • darkbrew lager
  • how to not take comments personally
  • wow hunting hall
  • wow raid expectations
  • how does a gated community work (Ok, talk to Blizz about this one. I just was telling what I saw/experienced J)
  • project titan blizzard (I WISH I had some inside knowledge on this one…seriously!)
  • warcraft hunters hall
  • hunters hall wow
  • hunter tier 12 on on all races
  • survival hunter mastery tier12
  • do you suck at raiding wow (Why does everyone keep coming here when they think they suck! OMG I AM A MAGNET!)
  • it’s never fair for me (I know my special snowflake. It IS NEVER EVER fair for YOU! Just YOU!)
  • cataclysm raiding addons
  • wow how to prevent guild drama (Easily answered: PLAY ALONE!)
  • hunter’s hall wow
  • wow hunter viewless wings
  • blog world of warcraft jäger (Ok, come on! VODKA Always Vodka…especially Swedish Vodka.)
  • where is the hunter hall located? Wow (its not an actual place people…it’s an online community resource!)
  • insider infomation blizzard Irvine (Again, wish I had some!)
  • my raid hates me (The hating thing again!!)
  • sv hunter haste t12
  • top wow female raider (I am NOT female!)
  • life is a marathon…it’s not a sprint (very VERY true)
  • surviving blackwing descent
  • guild drama (I’m always surrounded by this. Wish I wasn’t folks…really wish I wasn’t)
  • its never be fair
  • guild management wow raid progression
  • pic of hunters hall on mao (what is “mao” and why would I put pics of the WoW Hunters Hall there?!)
  • progression is everything wow (No! Again, missing the point of the blog here Google!)
  • quori sex videos

Ok, seriously now! This is the 3rd time on the list that my name and sex have been involved. WTF! There have never been and never will be any videos or pics of me in a sexually explicit situation. Well, ok, never AGAIN will there be any! We are all allowed a one time free pass dammit! And it was Corpus Christie, and a lot of Tequila was consumed. And I had NO IDEA that she was a cop!!! Moving along…

  • wow love letter
  • hunters wow bis weapons
  • top reason you fail at fireland raids (Why is failure a common theme here!)
  • baradin hold helm
  • graid wow
  • fireland fights explained
  • cataclysm hunter bastion of twilight
  • how do you leave the molten front? (First left at the main light, then drive all the way past your second right. Take the left at the 4th flaming tree, and follow that past 4 blocks. Once there you will have to pay a toll and then you can take a right at the fork just after. When you come to the 3 way intersection you may be asked to submit to a sanity test. After that you should continue straight for about 300 yards and the exit from Molten Front is right there at a small sign post)
    survival t12 mastery oder haste
  • honestly, nothing has changed (Who searches for this?! If nothing is changed, why run a search to find out what you already knew?! NOTHING HAS CHANGED!)
    wow guild drama
  • male vs female players world of warcraft (Is there some factions I am unaware of?! – I am totally siding with the girls, much better benefits package!)
  • statue in front of wow home office
  • world of warcraft guild drama
  • you’ve got mail letters
  • h shannox kite into baels room
  • guild personality conflicts
  • frostheim wow
  • ow hunter hall
  • takes two to tango achievement wow
  • survivng wow with quori
  • it’s never fair
  • morynne
  • guildlead raidlead blog
  • how can make money from blizzard
  • money!!!!!!!!!!
  • conflicts in a guild
  • returning back to wow
  • guestcommentfriendsin world
  • wow hunter blog
  • warehouse of military secrets (Seriously, WTF! I am apparently a known resource for military secrets!!!! – check it! Why yes baby, that is an Ark of the Covenant in my pants!)
  • fireland raid blog
  • just you know that in the game the gold is very important, if you play the game you will know that in the game aot gold, in the game many players want to had more age of titan gold, but we all know that we were not had enough money to bought the buy aot gold, just want to know that 4story luna, did you pay attention to the 4story gold?
    girls on wow
    (What can I even possibly say to this one)
  • make money “leave a comment”
  • wow molten front hunter gear
  • bastion o t wow
  • throne four winds hunter
  • can you farm 10 man raids? wow
  • wow guild break ups
  • wow how to check if raid members have dbm
  • cata progression raid
  • in the game wow where do i get the things to put in the darkbrew larger

So, in closing I think I have learned clearly I am a resource for military secrets, sex videos, guild drama, understanding why your guild hates you, making money from or regarding Blizzard, and for some reason the viewless wings keep coming up!