Hunter achievements…

Thank you Big Red Rhino….I pet tanked Argaloth this past week. It was a lot of fun, and definitely a worth while effort. We actually tried a few pulls on Atramedes with a pet tank again….not successful. BUT….the results weren’t terrible.

Pet tanks take a seriously greater amount of damage than a standard well geared tank, however, they get no stacks of sound. So, good – no sound mitigation on the tank; bad – increased burden on the MT healer. We may try that again at some point, we shall see. I am curious to know what other Raid level bosses Hunters have tried to pet tank to date. Please leave your comments on success or utter failures. We can always learn from either scenario!!

Also, last night I took the neck drop from Valiona, Necklace of Strife. That leaves me 2 more armor pieces for upgrade: Helm and Shoulders. There are some minor bump ups still available, tier legs would be better than my Magmaw dropped ones, and the Valor back piece (Viewless wings) is slightly better than the Maloriak dropped one that I am currently sporting.

One shot on Argaloth, Magmaw, Omno, Chim, and Maloriak on Tues….with a good number of pulls on Atramedes.

Wed night was Halfus and then a lot of work on V&T…we’re still getting used to the movement on that one. Trash was kind to us with 3 BOE drops – Tank gun for our MT, Healing staff for our Druid Healer, and 1H DPS sword for our DK (OT/DPS).