Blizzcon 2012, Here I come….errr waitaminute!!!

So, no Blizzcon 2012 eh?

Disappointing…sure. Expected…YES! Here’s why:

  1. 2012 game launch: Diablo 3
  2. 2012 game launch: Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
  3. 2012 game launch: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

So, right there you’re thinking…SO! That was on tap long before 2012, plan ahead dammit, and they’ve had game launches even multiple and still had a Blizzcon. WTF?! Yes, but look at those three titles a little more closely.

Diablo 3: Long anticipated follow up. Final tweaks and revisions going on now. A MUST home-run on this title.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm: Now, I am anticipating this won’t actually launch in 2012 but rather in 2013..however timing wise 2012 would make more sense. Wings is getting long in the tooth already for the gaming community. Swarm has been teased enough to this point. Again, it HAS to be a home-run. It cannot miss.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria: The supposed LAST expansion for WoW. I say supposed only because if…IF…the next gen MMO is not ready for any kind of release, Blizzard will want WoW to have longer legs. So expect at least the possibility of one more expansion to be the back up plan. Additionally, its still possible that Project Titan is in fact the next gen MMO and next gen WoW all in one…WoW 2.0 if you will. Point blank…MoP CANNOT be a failure. If its the last Xpac, then it must leave a good taste in the community’s mouth. If it is not the last one, it must keep players interested a little longer until their next gen is ready for the world.

Now this is enough for them to really want to hunker down and focus on game development and release. No distractions, cancel all vacations and leave, call in the reserves!!! However, there is another consideration here…Blizzard is a business folks. Conventions, Demos, and Symposiums like Blizzcon are all about one thing…driving revenue shares. I.E. MAKE MORE MONEY. Corporations use these things to create buzz about their products usually enhancements or new releases. Assuming the above three titles launch before or near October 2012, they will not be on the table for discussion and stir. Starcraft 2: Operation Protoss, Diablo 4…too far out for any kind of buzz. Only one thing left to talk about, thats right….Titan.

So, what is Titan? We have no clue. Blizzard is more tight lipped about Titan than Romney was about his tax bracket!! How far out is Titan, well up until today I would have said no idea…but this tells me one thing: YEARS. I suspect Blizzcon 2013 will be all about Titan, what ever it is. There will be a nostalgia component about the “retirement of World of Warcraft” and what its future holds (because believe me…they will NOT let a franchise this successful just fade to nothing), the Protoss expansion of SC2 will be previewed and discussed, the ongoing enhancements to D3 (assuming there are any – which I gather there would be), and finally the showcase of Titan.

So will it be worth the wait?

Full announcement from Blizzard.


4 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2012, Here I come….errr waitaminute!!!

  1. Percy says:

    0% chance MoP is the last WoW expansion.

    WoW is going to continue on for years even after Titan is out. It might switch to F2P or have any number of other large changes.. but the expansions won’t be stopping any time soon.

    But I do agree that 2013 Blizzcon will be primarily about Titan. That is so far away though.. so I doubt they will wait that long to just announce the game. But it’ll be a good time for some large info dumps and/or beta dates depending on the status of the game.

  2. From what they’ve said over the past couple of years, I don’t know where you get the idea that MoP is the final WoW expansion. Blizzard has said, very recently, that they want to release expansions more quickly, and they’ve also said over the past couple of years that they hope that WoW will last another ten years.

    Now, I know that they’re projecting, and those two ideas are not written in stone. But they both seem to suggest that they believe WoW has considerable time left in its lifespan. This article is the first I’ve read that suggested anything about Pandaria being the final expansion.

  3. Bauxite says:

    Blizzard will keep releasing expansions until they have less than 1 million subscribers, since that’s all they need to remain profitable. Unless MOP is a complete joke I doubt we’ll lose 9.4 million people in a year from the game.

  4. Thank you the feedback and comments. I specifically said “supposed” last XPac based on some rumor and scuttle-butt to that effect from about a year ago. I will categorically state I do not think it is the end of WoW or the last XPac for it. I will counter that while Blizzard has stated they want the game to continue for 10 years, I believe that to be posturing.

    If Titan is indeed the “Next Gen MMO” Blizzard is not going to continue to produce new material/content for an old platform that directly competes with their newer product.

    Remember its a business. Its akin to a car maker designing a new mid size sedan and continuing to push the older model sedan it replaced. Its creates self-induced market share that is not optimal.

    I see the future of WoW after 2 maybe 3 more XPacs to be a f2p gaming platform with a very limited number of servers…perhaps even simply 3 basic choices. PvP, PvE, or RP and no more. Again, this depends on the mass appeal and market share of the IP at that time.

    Time will tell!! I plan on still being a player no matter what the future holds.

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