WoW Hunter’s Hall…

WoW Hunter's HallSo if you are a hunter and you haven’t checked out the WHH you need to ask yourself, “What is wrong with me?!?”

Simply put the WHH is a one stop gateway to everything Hunter in World of Warcraft and our community. The WHH collects and curates all of the hunter information on the web and provides a platform for hunters to write for the hunter community themselves.

The goal of the site is to expand awareness of the hunter community, and to help the community grow. Apply to contribute.

  • For Users the WoW Hunters Hall provides a single destination for all hunter information. When you come to WoW Hunters Hall you will see at a glance all of the recent hunter information — the latest posts from all of the hunter blogs, the latest hunter news, original content, and summaries of recent hunter forum discussions.
  • For Content Creators the WoW Hunters Hall increases awareness of other sites within the hunter community and drives traffic to those sites. Rather than hoping to build or grow an audience through blogroll links or fortuitous searching, WoW Hunters Hall features the first couple of paragraphs of every article with a link to your site for readers to see the whole thing. Every hunter who keeps up with WoW Hunters Hall will be exposed to all of your hunter content.

If you want to know more about playing a hunter, the role and skills, the mindset of other hunters, and in general how awesome our community truly is – head on over to the WHH and get started!!!