the Hunter

Who am I?
I started out as a Night Elf Hunter on Azjol-Nerub. I spent the first year or so playing full time PvP with an awesome group of guys. DoC really was on top of the PvP game for a while on the Alli side. I was recruited to do end game raiding (MC, BWL, and ZG, AQ20/40 soon to follow) by a friend. That was a great group of raiders, who I will admit I miss very much to this day. I spent nearly 3 years raiding alongside Ezera, Jantara, Xylina, Adelora, Keela, and Ominae (to name a few) – and it was a truly awesome core of players to game with on a nightly basis.

As BC was rolled out we merged with another raiding guild on the AN server – Asterick. We hit pretty much everything and had moderate success during BC with the notable exception of Sunwell Plateau. Never even set foot in there. Asterick feel apart completely pre-Wrath launch (as many guilds did).

In the interim I had started a new Hunter, this time an Orc on Madoran to play with an RL friend and his wife in their small guild there. Having done the end game thing for long enough, I opted to join them full time there and lean to the Casual side of casually hardcore. It was a refreshing change of pace, but eventually I parted ways (we’re still friends of course) to migrate back towards that center feel good zone of the casually hardcore spectrum. I bounced between a number of guilds mostly doing 10 mans with some 25s here and there. Eventually we rolled en masse to Checkmate – #2 Horde guild on Madoran. That didn’t make it unscathed past the pre-Cata time line (running them with the pre-launch break ups). It was a great group of raiders, but too many personality clashes and RL issues/changes to make it past Cata launch unscathed.

I was the GM of Crown Royal, but the officer core and I began to disagree on what the picture of progression and success was. In the end I did not have the consensus and respect of some of the officers, as a result I felt it was best that I step aside and allow them to do as they wished. I had a few options at hand, a good utility/dps Hunter can always find a home for raiding or pvping. I chose to go to the guild Virus on Madoran. Spent time raiding with them, got back into some casual PvP while there. Had some fun. Built some new friendships. Transferred to Zul’Jin with 5 other guild mates from Virus. We spent the remainder of T12 content raiding with the 25 man team from Way of the Warrior, until a mass exodus by the officer core ended that run. With the advent of T13, a 10 man team formed which carried 3 hunters. Writing meet wall, wall meet writing.

So, where am I now?
Phalanx of Nod – Dalaran. I transfered to this wacky group of folks at the turn of 2012. I’ve enjoyed raiding 10 and 25 mans with them, as well as doing any kind of achievement/old school raids we can. I honestly have not one single complaint or exception about playing in PoN. Its a great guild and great group of people to spend my WoW time along side.

Why even listen to me at all?
When it comes to Huntering – I have seen it all. PvP, end game raiding, topping the charts, being asked to do any and all hunter utility imaginable. I love and have always loved from day one – Survival. I’ve led raids, sat back and played good soldier, run guilds, which probably helped destroy them :), been the voice of reason, settled disputes, caused plenty of them in my time too; but always, always, ALWAYS sought out the best game experience for my $15 a month I could get.

I can be reached on twitter: @quoriwow


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