What Steve Jobs meant to me…

Steve Jobs is gone. The world just lost one of its better angels. Like or hate Apple products, people should be sad.

I spent most of last night hearing Windows users make fun of the fact that Jobs is gone. Ironic, their games wouldn’t be here without Apple’s push for better GUIs. They tweeted and texted on their smart phones, which wouldn’t exist if Apple hadn’t pushed the industry there. The computers they play games on wouldn’t exist if not for Apple’s insistence that home based personal computers was the way to go.

Interestingly enough Jobs said something so eloquently…”customers don’t know what they want, until we invent it for them.”

I have always held to the foundation of my love and loyalty to Apple…They give me everything I need AND want. Someone argued with me, well, that’s because you take what they give you and accept it like a lamb/sheep. Well…YEAH! It’s always what I end up NEEDING!!! That’s the BEST kind of retailer/developer…the one that anticipates my needs and solves for them, prior to me knowing I even wanted it!

What does that say about Apple and Steve Jobs as innovators?! They created the smart phone! They created the PDA! They created the all-in-one computer (OMG I LOVE MY iMAC!)! They created the tablet – when NO ONE wanted the damn thing, and anyone who has it can’t live without it!

And the very best part of Steve Jobs and his imprint on Apple…he never needed someone chasing for him to do it! I recall a lunch time conversation with two friends one day…about competition and its benefits to innovation (#1 being chased by #2, vs a monopoly in a market). Apple doesn’t care about competition…The motivator for them has always been themselves. Get better, keep moving forward, do more, be more, give more. People think this is the end of Apple, it will go down-hill…I say ABSOLUTELY NOT!

This will make Apple better…because now…NOW…you have something to live up to. Now, you have a ghost haunting your halls…a voice in your heads…watching your every move. NOW, you have Steve Jobs’ ghost pushing you. It will make you better.

To Apple: YOU ALL HAVE BIG SHOES TO FILL! Make him proud. Make your supporters proud. Do his memory proud….for it is not what you have accomplished with him that defines his legacy, it is what you do now that he is gone that will define you and his legacy!

As Captain Miller stated so perfectly in Saving Private Ryan, “Earn this.”

Just my 2 cents




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2 thoughts on “What Steve Jobs meant to me…

  1. Mo says:

    Well said. The impact of Steve Jobs is felt by all inspire of themselves. As was said on NPR today,steve jobs took things already in existence and revolutionized our access to them

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