I will be there in spirit, if not body!!!

Unfortunately I will not be attendance in Anaheim for Blizzcon 2011 this year. I know my ticket is wasted, but I will be there in spirit if not in person.

There are a number of reasons most of them personal as to why I am canceling my trip to go. Not the least of which is SOCCER PLAYOFFS! Both my daughter and oldest son play youth soccer, I also coach my son’s team. That weekend is our playoff tournament and I would be remiss in my duties as Dad & Coach if I left them during such an important time of cheering, rooting, and screaming from the sidelines “BREAK HIS LEG!!!” hehe. Ok, I don’t do that!!

Family comes first…always. So, their needs come before mine and they need me. As a coach I preach consistently, have fun, have fun HAVE FUN! If you are having fun while playing, everything else will fall in line. Win, lose, or otherwise. I strongly feel this applies to our in-game lives. Have fun. Raiding should be FUN. PvP should be FUN. Achievement runs should be FUN! As soon as you find your WoW time feeling like work, BAD JUJU is afoot. Switch it around. Make it about having fun.

In regards to my coaching job…well, we are in 2nd place. 6-0-2. We are the highest scoring team in all of the SYSA league! I have had parents from other teams compliment me on how much fun Team Netherlands seems to have. I have had opposing coaches comment on how great Team Netherlands plays together, how they share the ball, encourage one another, play with each other, and how much joy they have playing!

I’m not always right. My way isn’t they only way. But for me…proof is in the pudding folks. Have fun, everything else will fall into place!