WoW is dead…once again.

So Blizzard released the news that the pre-order for Warlords of Draenor would be available in the digital store. Now for me personally, pre-ordering is only worthwhile for two reasons. First for any bonus items I may get for having pre-ordered; like for instance a mount or pet. Second for the opportunity to pre-download the content so I can log-in & play immediately when the new game is fully released. Now the second reason means you could theoretically pre-order a week ahead of launch and be fine. The former however could be trickier, since some times those benefits could be time sensitive; like “Pre-order on or before next Friday and get the extra knife set free!”

Now, here comes the kerfuffle. Legally if you have someone pre-order an item, you must state by what date they will receive the item they have purchased. So Blizzard has to put something in there…December 20, 2014. Yes, DECEMBER 2014 is what they chose. This could have been a totally arbitrary choice..

Developer Dude: Hey, we need to put some kind of date in here before I hit publish. It says LoremIpsumber 20, 2014. That’s not a month.
Senior Executive Dude: Well, damn, if we pick a month the players will hold us to it.
Developer Dude: True, but if we are launching this year, how about we just pick December?
Senior Executive Dude: Good…I like that…run with it!

I still think the game will launch prior to December 2014, but of course everyone knows how the WoW community reacts…so, clearly: WoW is dead. I’ve seen all sorts of commentary regarding how launching the next XPAC 9 months from now is a huge mistake. Players will have been in SoO the final raid tier of Mists of Pandaria far too long. That other games will take up people’s time and many folks will simply un-sub for these 9 months and maybe come back if Warlords is worth it. There is a distinct issue with all of these perspectives…they only apply IF Warlords doesn’t launch until December 20th!!!

Now, a new pre-order screen states the expected game release is for Fall 2014. Is that really much different than saying “on or before December 20, 2014”?

Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor

Not really. Not as far as I am concerned anyway.

But the masses have begun to decry Blizzard’s mistakes, how WoW is dead, the devs have lost their minds, Blizzard is ruined.

We’ve heard this reaction before….right? My memory isn’t off here is it? Oh yeah! That’s right!!! We HAVE heard these responses before…right after EVERY SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT BLIZZARD HAS MADE. Yup.

So, in the end its fine. Blizzard can be ruined, Wow can be dead. Cats and dogs living together…its anarchy.

I doubt that any of this is true, at least not in the real world anyway. In the make-believe land that these people all live within, I’m sure WoW is dead. Since I have no idea what color the sky is there…I’ll stick with my real world blue sky and the belief that Warlords will drop well before December 2014, and that WoW is definitely not dead.



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