MoP Update…

So Ceraphus and I were racing to 90 together. We made it to 90, but not the Realm First DK and Hunter as we’d have hoped. We were the first two guild members to hit 90 though, so there’s that small feat. Now I must say there were some serious positives about grouping with a partner, but some downsides as well.

The good…

  • As a Hunter/DK combo we could swap between the tank and dps roles fairly seamlessly. Both of us were equally capable of holding aggro on a mob and allowing the other to blow it up based solely on the situation. Additionally since we do not share the same stat priority we never competed on the gear drops we came across.
  • Generally we ran with Free for all loot and simply grabbed what we found and sorted stuff out as we went. I used FETCH to its fullest, though I did find when we had wrecked large packs of mobs, it was easier to simply AOE loot one mob as they were all dead at my feet regardless.
  • Good fun!! We were both exhausted from playing non stop, but we both kept in good spirits. Folks kept jumping into Mumble randomly and some commented the next day that we were a bit testy. Honestly, it was more us busting each others chops for the laugh more than actually being angry or aggravated with one another (there were a couple things though, nothing deal breaking see below).
  • So much lethal DPS! Our ability to pull mass amounts of mobs was used to its best potential. His Deathgrip and my long range multishot were excellent at gathering large packs. Our mass aoe (a lot of it from my combo of Explosive trap, Snake trap, and multishot) was put to good use. Thank you Blizz for removing minimum range!!!

Ok, the bad…

  • Nesingwary quests TOTALLY slowed us down. That entire quest line is so dependent on random spawning/drops it took far too long to complete with far too little reward.
  • Copter quest at the beginning….ugh.utterly.painful.when.done.en.masse.
  • Gathering!!! Sorry Cera, but continual side trips to gather minerals as a miner were occasionally annoying for the non-gathering partner. This said I know his complaint would be…
  • Pet Taming!!! Yes, I kept wanting to stop and tame various beasts that I wanted to add to my stables. This annoyed my non Hunter partner. I tamed one new cat model, and then held off figuring I can do that solo.

So in the end, we played straight for about 24 hours. We got close to 90 with no real stopage….I was 1 bar from 89 when I logged off around midnight. He had hit 90 and was a few bars in when he logged shortly after me. Next morning we both casually continued our climb to 90. He hit first around mid afternoon, I hit it early evening. Definitely fun. I would do it again in a heart beat.

Next up for me is leveling my Warrior up at least a level or 2. I got him to 86 rather quickly, but he needs more work. My hunter is a JC/LW, my warrior Talthius is my gatherer. He has mining/skinning and I need to simply farm mats for Q to level his primary professions up. Scenarios and Heroics are up next for my Hunter as I am at the iLevel minimum for Heroics. I’ll post again at the end of this week on my thoughts of the MoP content to date.



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