There’s a Patch? Why didn’t anyone tell me!!!

Ok, so I have taken a lot of heat...A LOT of heat from my guild mates as of late for not having basically ANYTHING new on my blog. Well, quite frankly I blame them. Now hold on….wait a second…don’t get mad at me! Truly, it is their fault. Allow me to explain….

Read the title of the blog…Surviving WoW. Now, its a bit of a pun on the fact that I play and have obstensibly always played a Survival Hunter; however, its also the primary thing I write about: Surviving the gaming world of World of Warcraft. Logging in, playing the game, and coming through with your sanity in tact.

My writing had a huge foundation from my last few guild stops to draw upon. Now I am NOT saying they were all bad people, players, etc. Not the case. Some bad eggs, sure. Some bad personality mixes…absolutely! Just a recipe for disaster in some cases. Since joining Phalanx of Nod…well…nothing. Its been such smooth sailing personality wise that I actually got a little scared there and told my wife expressly “I’m skerrid! HOLD ME!”

It is a great group of people that really gel personality wise. Truth be told there are some times when its rubbing the wrong way. I know I have opened my mouth and irked this person or that one, my apologies to them as I never meant harm. And we certainly have had personality clashes in the guild resulting in at least one blow up since I’ve been there (yes, I will finally write about it next). The player in question left and has moved on to wherever they are happiest I am sure. But the point here is that this is not a guild that tolerates or breeds conflict. Even the person…the ONE person who grates me the most…really doesn’t grate me that much. Its tolerable. Not a bad person, we just don’t see things the same way. I doubt they have any major issues with me, nor I with them.

So, it is their fault. They give me no material to draw upon. There’s no drama. No in-fighting. No backstabbing. No power struggles. No demands. No judgment. And though some have screamed there is, and we joke about it more than we should..honestly…there is no marginalization or prejudice. Everyone is treated fairly. All voices are actually heard…even mine!!! Best of all, we have fun! IMAGINE THAT! Logging into a video game on your free time and having fun?! CRAZY TALK!  This is a group that all converged on MassiveLan in Buffalo NY and drank, ate, and played games for 3 days with one another. My wife’s mini van was turned into the PoN-Mobile at one point! No one here is screaming and hollering for more Heroics, face slamming wipes, and pushing to be World Firsts. Its just not important. We, collectively speaking…and yes I will speak for everyone on this one…simply want to have fun. Enjoy our $15 spent having a good time, having plenty of laughs, good gamer stories to tell, perhaps a few memories, and maybe just maybe a couple of good friendships here and there.

I’ve said it before…Guild is supposed to mean Family. Well, it took some time, but I finally feel that way about Phalanx of Nod. Good for me as a player, but bad for me as a blogger. Kind of hard to write about strife, when you don’t really have any 🙂

So, there is a patch…yes? and an Expansion coming too!!! Well, next up are a few posts on what to look for in a guild and your expectations for continuing or perhaps coming back to WoW for Mists of Pandaria.



8 thoughts on “There’s a Patch? Why didn’t anyone tell me!!!

  1. Wall of Text! TLDR! Just kidding, its about time, and glad the guild I have cultivated for 8 years has inspired you to do nothing on your blog, I think…

    • I should have pointed out…”the biggest pain in the ass in PoN is actually Ceraphus”…might have clarified some things for you buddy.

  2. Wait, I thought we all had major issues with each other?? Sometimes I get caught up in our RP..

    Wait, we’re not an RP guild???!!!

    I really couldn’t agree with you more Quori. I’ve spent a long time looking since my Vanilla guild imploded for a guild that I could actually get along with most everyone.. (Which isn’t anyones fault, just that I have have quirks about things that people do that annoy the crap out of me. I’m less than tolerable of others faults.) And damned if I can find anyone in this guild that really rubs me the wrong way. So, I guess y’all are stuck with my ass. 🙂

  3. So you really do have a blog! And um Q WTF are you talking about.. no drama.. Cer is a bacon junkie who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips, Blood.. well he is blood. Mega is a well Noob (then again so is Cer) Somnar is up to something just not quite sure what, Shard .. well do we really need to get into shard?

    The awesome ladies of the guild are what keep it going.(cept for that one marginalized person who left ) 🙂

    For real good blog post.

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