Just a check-in that I am NOT DEAD YET! 🙂

Work and RL have been crazy to say the least over the last 6 months. I have not gotten to spend nearly as much time in the Beta as I’d have liked. Though I did get to spend time with my guildmates of Phalanx of Nod at MassiveLAN in Buffalo, NY – great time had by all!!!

I plan on getting back into the swing of writing, so check back regularly. Once MoP hits I promise a more routine writing schedule like before!

In the mean time be sure to keep up with things Hunter related at WoW Hunter’s Hall and the Warcraft Hunter’s Union, Marks 365, and World of Lae. All things considered in the WoW blogging community can be found at MMO Melting Pot. As always you should listen to the Hunting Party Podcast, The Sundering, Twisted Nether, and LeetSauced.



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