Sorry folks, its been a good month since a post. December is a busy work month and the Holiday season makes it even busier due to home life! Playing Santa for 3 kids is always very very time consuming!

I have not had much WoW time in the last 30 days. Enough only to be demoted to “casual” in my guild which prompted a /gquit from me. Excessive? perhaps. But I do not see eye to eye with the new RL & Officer direction. I’m not one to make waves, and seeing as how I am merely DPS…I’m replaceable. I will find somewhere to play that makes me happy, I feel welcome and appreciated, and ultimately where I want to log in because its fun and enjoyable…not an obligation.

I have some comments about the LFR that I will get out in another week or so. Completing the content within LFR has soured me on doing it in a 10/25 format to some extent. I just don’t feel the same completionist drive. I suspect others may feel the same way, perhaps its just me!

In the mean time, I am guildless. I’ve spoken to a few folks who have great raiding guilds and teams and I could settle in nice and snug and contribute…BUT…I just don’t have it in me for 4 – 5 nights of raiding any more. I would love to do it, but with 3 kids, work, coaching, and most importantly a spouse who has become a WoW-widow the last few years; I need to do right by all of them. 2 nights would be perfect, 3 acceptable. If anyone needs a Survival Hunter for 2 or so nights of raiding, let me know. I’m all ears to talk.

Otherwise, I’ll be busy working on old achieves I still can do; and leveling another hunter with a cute Space Goat Priest over on Terenas – US!!!


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