Down, but not out.

I know its been close to a month without a peep from me. I kind of feel like a slacker, but not really. Work has been hectic to say the least with various web development projects hitting high points prior to year end. My home life has been busy, but to be honest with both my wife and I working full time and three kids – its ALWAYS busy! Recreational Soccer ended rather abruptly with both Team England and Team Netherlands being knocked out of the playoffs. However, competitive soccer has begun for my daughter, and my oldest son is in full basketball season swing (both of them are really quite good at their respective sports)!

Now, as for WoW world…hmm. That’s, well, its been disappointing. 6 of us server transferred to a 25 man raid guild with the hopes it would be a permanent and stable home for us. We helped two casters finish their legendary staves which felt great. We ended our 25 man group at 2/7 heroic and hit 3/7 heroic after downing Majordomo Heroic in a 10 man group. It was getting a little frustrating with not having enough bodies on some nights and on others people simply derping at various moments. But honestly…its not unexpected, at least not to me. Its the norm. Its what happens in the overwhelming majority of guilds. What happened next however is not expected…

The GM/RL decided to step down. He was done. He and one of the legendary toting dps left to join a 25 man guild on another server who were 6/7 HM. The other legendary wielder left to go to a similarly progressed guild. Another officer left to go play with a different guild on the server – again more progressed than we were. The current GM is not a stable raider due to her home life being complicated with a newborn (I’ve been there…its tough). I just can’t help but feel used here. Like my 5 friends and I were used as fill to attain the gear folks needed to lead them on to bigger and better things.

Now DO NOT get me wrong…I don’t begrudge anyone playing as they see fit within the game. It’s their $15 and they can go where they choose. But, this didn’t taste very good in my mouth. I am torn at staying within this now somewhat sundered guild. Those remaining are indeed trying to put pieces back together. I’ve help build guilds before, even helped raise them from the ashes. Its a hard road to sow, and I am not sure I have it in me. Additionally, there were 4 hunters on the 25 man roster…at least 3 of us are left (not sure on the 4th as of yet). A 10 man raid is not going to carry 3 to be honest, let alone 4 hunters!!!

Should I stay, should I go? I pride myself on playing a hunter since day one and never taking a break from the game. Always raiding, even if its been far more casual than hardcore at times. Hey, I practice what I preach…its all about SURVIVING WoW!!! I just don’t know if I can survive this. Not in the raiding/contributing sense.

I’ve been leveling another hunter (shocking I know) along side my spouse who has opted to play the game. It’s been fun, teaching her and learning quite a few things from her on how new players view the game. Revisiting old content has been great too. I’m just hitting Zangarmarsh which was always a favorite zone from BC. There’s something revitalizing about leveling a new toon without the aid of heirlooms and the large bank account of a main. It’s challenging again in many ways. I like it.

So, I’m a little tired. This has been a draining year of WoW. We’re coming into the holiday season when my play time normally dips. What shall I do? Anyone looking for a Survival Hunter? Am I gun shy now that if I do go somewhere I will find myself in this again…left holding broken pieces because someone else breaks the toy?

I know I’m not the only one who has gone through this. Why do we as players do this to one another?


2 thoughts on “Down, but not out.

  1. I’ve learned the hard way not to let the circumstances of others hinder my progression. The question you have to ask is whether you would rather put your efforts toward rebuilding your raiding team or dedicate your energy toward searching for a more thriving raiding environment.

    I was in the same boat in tier 11 when my original raiding team fell apart, and I just worked my way around PUGs and subbing in for other guilds’ progression teams. If you have ambitions, pursue them. I started by building a network of acquaintances on my server to see if anyone was looking for a freelance hunter. Opportunities present themselves; you just have to look for it.

    If you were an Alliance hunter, I’d invite you to my server, as I think we are preparing our 25-man team for Dragon Soul. We don’t dabble much in heroic content, but I’m pretty much the only regular hunter in my guild.

    • Thanks Loronar! I agree with your methods, and its honestly how I moved from Azjol Nerub at the end of BC to Madoran, then eventually to Zul’Jin.

      And it is tough right now looking at our remaining active raiders and seeing 3-4 hunters in total, which just leaves little if any room at all.

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