Why so quiet & New beginnings…

So I ramped up with a number of posts over the last couple months, and now have been fairly quiet. Life had caught up to me a bit. Soccer playoffs are upon us for the next few weeks, Blizzcon is fast approaching (still struggling with going or not), home life has been chaotic to say the least.

In short, I am sorry to those who I have sucked into my swirling vortex of doom. I am sorry to those who expect a good read surrounding the drama within WoW and I haven’t supplied it in good fashion. I am especially sorry to friends and family who I have angered and hurt in various ways with my selfishness and poor judgment.I don’t expect anyone to forget my poor behavior, but I do ask that you forgive me.

So, now that I have eluded to my own personal drama….how about some WoW talk!!!!!

So I and a handful of guild-mates server transferred to Zul’Jin to 25 man raid with Way of the Warrior (Atilanta – Priest, Asripper – DK, Azariel – Mage, Phatkow – Druid, Artemis – Hunter, and I). Third week in…so far so good. I have not been in full attendance for raid the last couple of weeks due to some RL conflicts, but have been on for the majority of raiding time. I had attempted the Rag fight previously a handful of times, but this one was my first kill. Felt good. Plus, our shadow priest Missarie finished off her legendary quest line for Dragonwrath, Tarecogosa’s Rest. Congrats to her and the guild on a great accomplishment for this tier of content.

We are working on heroic modes now. Shannox was fairly straightforward. Ryolith has been a bit of a thorn to this point. I am confident though this week Shannox, Ryo, Alysrazor, and Bael will all go down on HM. I will admit to being pessimistic about Beth HM, but we shall see.

WotW is currently running with 4 hunters. 3 MM and my little old Survival-self. Interestingly enough I am the least geared of the 4 of us, and find my dps numbers hold their own. Are they usually ahead of me, yes; but not as far ahead as one might expect. Additionally, some fights I am ahead of some or all of them – again just confirming my experience-based opinion that it’s really about an individual’s comfort with their spec and the forgivingness of specific fight mechanics. So far, a lot of fun! There are some personality conflicts in the group, but nothing earth shattering. I agree with most of how Theryc (GM/RL) runs the guild as well as the raids (though he allows non combat pets out during raid…dude I so hate that! J). For my part, I like the group. Strong leadership is a great foundation, a core of players focused on a singular goal helps solidify that foundation.

So what should one do when finding yourself in a new guild like this? Well, Borsk over at borsked.com has a great piece about this very subject. I will focus on one particular piece he mentions…”Shut your damn mouth!” In part, one primary reason we moved to WotW was the great conversations and dungeon runs I had with a number of the players there. We were all open and free with our conversations and there were no guarded or secretive portions of our personalities. Simply stated, “What you see is what you get”. So, for my part, they saw my sarcastic, snarky, self-deprecating self and they all liked it. I saw some of the same with certain people, in addition to the serious “Let’s get this done” side of others. A great combo to make me feel it would be a good raiding home. We often speak about our guilds as family, or extended family. Some times this is true, but that’s usually after a long honeymoon of in game time spent with one another. I personally am not there yet with WotW and no one ever should be when only a few weeks into a new guild. So my snark and sarcasm toned WAYYYY down and made way for something entirely different. Quiet. Silence. Guarded. I don’t want to rock the boat. I don’t want to touch a raw nerve with anyone in particular, so I try to be diplomatic and politically correct. Sometimes the sarcasm comes through, but most times its only something small and fairly non-descript. I’ve been whispered numerous times by new and old guild-mates asking, “Why are you so quiet? Is everything ok?” Well aside from my personal life being very strenuous and trying to sort that out, my in game life has been turned upside-down. I’m on a new server, with a new guild, with new people who I don’t truly know. It’s a good time to be QUIET. Understand the lay of the land, who is who, what people’s likes and dislikes are. Being quiet is prudent.

So for those who like the joking and verbose Q…just be patient. I’ll get around to pissing people off soon enough J. To others, take a hint here…lay low. Listen. Listen. Listen. Get to know who you are playing alongside before you start to reveal all of your less than admirable traits and qualities. Once folks have learned to love you better side, that’s when they may be more apt to accept your worse side.


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