What are you crying about?!

So we all know the story…”Our game developers have decided to alter/adjust game mechanics for the following encounters…” or perhaps it’s “Please see the list below for the following adjustments and tweaks to various class abilities…”

Cue incoming CRYING!

Why are you crying?!?! SERIOUSLY WHY ARE YOU CRYING????

Point one: Its Blizzards product not ours.

Point two: They know a little more than we do about what makes a good game and game play experience (All the data are belong to them).

Point three (and this one is the biggie): If you don’t like it, STOP PLAYING! Get your damn whiney self out of my game and never come back!

Ok, that’s probably a bit harsh, but the sentiment is an honest one. If you don’t like something, affect change to alter the conditions. If you think you are fat, diet and exercise can work wonders. Hate your hair style, hair stylists offer their services by and large in small boutiques in every major city and small town. Whining to Blizzard that they are ruining THEIR game will not accomplish this.

Case in point: Hunter extraordinaire – IamtheLeetestDEEPSevah posts the following (paraphrased for our purposes for discussion) – This is my first expansion for this game and Blizzard has completely screwed everything about hunters up. They have no clue what a Hunter is nor can they properly code the game to those conditions. They have broken this class completely and have just utterly failed. What simpletons its so easy a monkey can do it dammit! They should just hire me because I know what I am doing and would fix it and make it perfect in 3 days.

The problem here is not his opinion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion (arguable that some shouldn’t be, but neither here nor there for this discussion). The issue is 2 fold: 1) the ill-informed nature of the opinion and 2) The wanton arrogance of its display! Take some of the other Hunter bloggers out there like Morynne at Marks365 or Frostheim at the WHU…I do not always agree with them. Its not always a total love fest between our opinions on some of the simplest of things. Mory for instance loves Marksmanship, I hate it. I would not nor ever slam her opinion of that spec…she likes it! She’s good at it! I love that there is a skilled individual out there who has a varying opinion to mine and offers a well informed perspective on the benefits and pitfalls of that play style! It makes us better collectively. This individual above has seemingly no experience prior to the release of Cata as to how broken things had been at one point. The relative abolishment of 2 of our 3 specs to complete obscurity (BC brought us the rise of BM, and Wrath the onslaught of Armor Penetrating Marksmanship). Play those specs or be labeled a NOOB forever more! So he lacks the experience to appreciate how well balanced this class currently is. The phrase in life is “Always more than one way to skin a cat”. In other words, just because someone isn’t doing it YOUR way, doesn’t mean they are doing it wrong (Unless we’re talking sex….then if it isn’t freaky, dirty, and sweaty, well TBH – you’re doing it wrong!). Allowing some variability to accomplish the same ultimate goal is what Blizzard is actually designing around in this MMO…and I for one think they have done a stellar job at accomplishing this. Is it perfect, no; but definitely an A+ for effort! Why blast them so emphatically as idiots?! Will that help in any reasonable manner?

Same can be said for every time they alter a game mechanic on an encounter to make it more accessible for the vast majority of the community to over come. Again, 10 million plus users, it is not going to be about designing for the top 3-5% solely. 80/20 rule folks…design for the 80% of the player base. Always! If you have already conquered said content, then hold your head high you did it prior to its nerf. If you haven’t done it yet, recognize they are making it easier for you to do it. Its akin to the millions of folks complaining about the high cost of healthcare then in turn bitching and moaning when our President actually tries to pass some form of free healthcare! REALLY PEOPLE! Americans. Sheesh.

So, what is the point…*wait, what is the point!?*…OH YEAH! STOP WHINING! Look, Blizz isn’t perfect. I have my complaints about them, and have voiced them here before. But notice Im not just saying, “You guys suck, you’re idiots, OMGURNOOBS!!” No, I state what I feel the issue is, provide some reasonable measures of success (really is a public version of the art museum really that far fetched?!), and then leave it to them to determine if they place enough value to act on it. If they don’t (and my expectation is they won’t), I am not going to be upset about it and rage quit the game over it.

Get over your sense of self importance. Accept that product owners are just that PRODUCT OWNERS. Its theirs. They get to do what they want. Your game play in this virtual world is a privilege not a right. Flame me if you must…though I have always figured the people that SHOULD read this, never do.  🙂


3 thoughts on “What are you crying about?!

  1. ProfKay says:

    I agree with everything you are saying about people who are “whining” and now putting their complaints down in a format that makes them seem like a mature adult and therefore never to be taken seriously. Where i dont agree is about experience. Not everyone needs to have been playing since Vanilla to be able to appreciate their character 🙂 some people are able to pick up their character and with some research play it and know it just as well as someone who has been playing it for years on end (this is not me btw 😉 i barely know how to play worth a shit). Dont write someone off based on experience and time spent alone.

    Granted the example you gave was someone blatantly retarded im just pointing out that not everyone follows the same rule ^_^

    • VERY TRUE! I was not in fact dismissing him based on not having the experience of previous releases; more than his lack of experience showed off the fact that based on the “before” this has been the best XPac for Hunters. My apologies to anyone who reads it otherwise.

      And in my experience, people who say they suck; usually are pretty damn good. I bet your raid team appreciates your contributions and your humility.

      • I agree with your lack of tolerance for the whining. I was a little more “harsh” in my two cents for those complainers in my blog. However, the overall message is the same.

        Don’t like how the game is set up currently? Stop playing! Find something else to hold your enterest and maybe comeback later. Or not at all.

        Your choice.

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