Updates from the Molten Front…

So we added a new tank to our Raid roster. I guess he worked out well since we had our first Firelands boss kill last night downing Shannox. When we started over at the beginning of July I told people, “We will evaluate everyone for the month of July. No one is safe, everyone should put their best foot forward.” Well, people tend to make your decisions for you. Our raid roster has pared down from the potential of 18-20 players to really only a solid core of 8-10 with the necessary fillers/subs that round it out to 13-15.

These things always work themselves out if just given a little time. One person rages over not getting an item, then you lose that person and his 2 buddies. Another person suddenly has a schedule issue with work or real life conflicts, gone. Another has computer issues, yet another suddenly doesn’t want to raid anymore – server transfer later – gone.

People tend to make your decision for you, if you merely give them the TIME to show you what their made of – petulance, immaturity, laziness, discontent, ill-temper, boredom, cancerous. These are the negatives of course, its not always a bad thing that people leave. Sometimes its easier to let them walk away than have them stew and tensions build over disagreements in philosophy. While some show their bad side, others show their good, even great side! They step up. They make it through the 30+ wipes on one boss still smiling on the other end, ready for attempt 31, 32, 33, so on and so forth.

THAT is where the good stuff happens. Those are the people that begin to gel. Our fellow raiding hunter and I are now in lock step. If the Drone on Beth needs extra dps, she sees me jump on it to throw up a bunch of dots and soak up some Focus; I KNOW she has the Spiderlings in hand for a few seconds for me to help on the Drone. I don’t have to worry about which pet she pulls from her stable overlapping a buff…we know which ones to bring out automatically. We are gelling now. That’s a good thing. I see our healing core doing that too, and I hope it continues throughout the raiders we have remaining.

Some of the bad things from the good people – Old habits. Its ok for a healer to have full mana at the end of a fight if no one died and they managed their mana consumption/regeneration well. People should not be dying on aggro/threat pulls….they should know how to manage it properly. It’s not an AOE fest through Naxx or some BC instance. Drop the bad habits, and let’s improve even more.

And the nicest thing for this Hunter…I got a Lava Bolt Crossbow last night. FINALLY! I refused to buy one. So many friends were trying to farm one and never could get one…I got one.  🙂

So that’s a 378 bow, T12 gloves, 378 belt, 378 cloak, 378 bracers, and 378 2H. Not too shabby. T12 2 piece is coming tonight, unless I see a helm/shoulders for 4pc T11, which is still worthwhile. We’ll see. I’m patient.

P.S. I can’t WAIT for Blizzcon!!!!! AMIRIGHT?!?



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