It’s a marathon, not a sprint…

So a new content patch goes out and we get a new tier of raid content as well as a new “lootaloth” in Baradin Hold. So let’s start with some commentary on the little bit of Firelands I have seen….

  • Its Molten Core. No seriously…even if you remove the end boss being the same guy…ITS MOLTEN CORE! Dog packs change to Turtle packs. Molten Giants – check. Core hounds – check. Packs of fire naga type elementals – check (albeit, they now roam in packs in lieu of guarding one of themselves – see Major Domo and Gehennas). Random pathing elementals – check.
  • So, like the days of MC – let the Hunter pull. Seriously…LET THE HUNTER PULL! Tanks (be them pally, warrior, or DK) have great pulling moves now available to them compared to Vanilla, but they are still inferior pullers to Hunters. If your Hunter can’t pull properly…they are not a Hunter. They are a DK in a Hunter disguise. Allow us to use our techniques and abilities. We will drop a handful of traps, just stand on them…right on them…DON’T MOVE! The mobs will come to you, you need not lift a finger.
  • Loot…Looks nice. Looks really nice all in all! I have to say the T12 hunter armor looks sweeter on certain races than others (as opposed to Cryptstalker which looked good on everyone!). I’ll take the fiery pirate over the murloc-stalker any day, though I still don’t love it.
  • Stats…Doesn’t seem we need anymore hit then before. Still seems that haste and mastery are competing to be our best stat after Agility and Crit. It depends on spec and situation. If you just think about it logically more mastery should be better, but the complicated nature of haste clouds those waters. (NOTE: I really need to try stacking the hell out of mastery to see what I get. I know others have tried it, but I like to experience it for myself).
  • SURVIVAL! Yes, Survival becomes a touch trendy again. How I love this spec and its abilities. Frostheim over at the WHU made the suggestion to rename the tree from Survival to something more apropos. Bonus points if it could remain “SV” as an acronym. BM and MM make sense for their trees abilities and focus. SV really should change to something like Elemental Hunter, Arcane Hunter, Naturalist, better yet…Ranger. Its really want an SV Hunter is…a Ranger. Marksmanship Hunters are Archers through and through….Survivalists are Rangers.
  • Dailies…a lot more dailies available. I have heard it’s the longest dailies grind to date. The Crusader dailies were very long if you intended to be a completionist, you really only needed to become a champion with your own race. The Netherwing rep grind with those dailies also took roughly 2 weeks to get to exalted. The Ogri’la and Skyguard reps also were quite long based on there being relatively few dailies involved.
  • Nerfs. T11 content becomes puggable for most folks. I don’t like the trade off from Valor to Justice. I would have kept it Valor, just made the amount half of what it was so that its worthwhile if you still need/want some 359 level gear, but not attractive enough to be a grinding spot. In theory you could have made it into a daily quest similar to the old daily raid quest for ICC/Sarth/Uld and awarded a nice sum of Valor.

So far there is nothing that I have seen that has overwhelmed or underwhelmed me. I have said to folks that I really think Blizzard has funneled a lot of creative energy to Diablo 3, SC2, and project: Titan. I feel like WoW has suffered from that. It still has a long way to fall before I would classify it as a dud, but they raised the bar high early on themselves.

Let’s remember folks…it’s a MARATHON not a sprint. Rushing to complete content before anyone else really gives you no advantage other than being bored sooner. Take your time. Enjoy it.



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