Are you Progression or Casual?

A lot of talk goes around about whether a guild is a progression guild, or a casual raiding guild. Additionally, there are hosts of middle of the road labels between these two polar opposites…

Casually hardcore, Casually progressive, Semi progressive, Semi casual, Semi hardcore, Partial hardcore, Partial progression, Casual, progression-minded

I could go on, but here is the primary point: you are either progressing or not. There is no real middle ground. A casual guild will of course eventually progress just based off of law of averages. Even if you aren’t expressly trying to down a particular boss, you will eventually succeed if you attempt it enough times…even if by dumb luck. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are focused on progression then there is nothing casual about that. Either you want to down a boss and will do what it takes to do so or you aren’t!

Yes, ostensibly you can argue for the “happy medium”, but really its too gray an area and I am not going to get into a philosophical debate over that middle ground. I want to lay out the true differences between PROGRESSION and CASUAL. I think laying it out will help some folks see exactly where they fall…and honestly, most and I mean 90% plus will realize, “Hey, We’re casual!!!” That’s why Blizzard has developed the game play and mechanics in the manner they have…they see that the overwhelming majority of the player base is casual and have adjusted the game accordingly.



  • Set raiding schedule
  • Raid times routinely go past “end” time
  • Players bring mats and repair money on hand
  • Best available gear
  • Best available enchants
  • Best available gems
  • Little or no raid ID resets to bypass unneeded first tier bosses
  • Set players and toon (Mains!)
  • Geared and capable alt specs
  • Roles set by raid leaders
  • Negative consequences for no shows or MIAs
  • Variable raid schedule
  • Raid ends at set time
  • Materials supplied for those in need
  • Non BiS gear, enchants, gems tolerated
  • Reset Raid ID each week to get more loot from First tier bosses
  • Variable toons and players based on availability and want/need
  • Alt toons taken to raids
  • Alt specs unavailable or not geared
  • Roles set by player choice
  • No negative consequences for MIAs

There are other qualifiers, but these are the primary ones that come to mind. What are your qualifiers? After looking at this list, which do you fall into? Do you avoid attempting Nefarian or Cho’gall because you don’t want to wipe 20 times in a row? Do you reset your raid ID each week because someone still wants that one item from Magmaw? Does that Hunter keep bringing his Shammy because he’s tired of playing his Hunter?


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