The morning after…

Ok, so I gquit last night. Was it rash, maybe. Was it necessary, yes. Like any player, my ultimate responsibility is to my own happiness and enjoyment of the $15 a month subscription fee I shell out. For the past couple weeks, every time I logged in I was faced with another emergency of epic proportions. A few weeks back we had a mass exodus of people off to form their own guild. Right around then we had a Main tank quit, a new main tank join us, then a main healer depart in anger, and the “new” main tank leave to play another 4 letter MMO permanently.

I have 4 officers, and 3 of them have openly expressed “perhaps you should step down as GM, maybe its best for the guild, maybe a new or different direction was in order.”

Thanks for the support? Well, maybe they were right. What I know was that I weathered us as a guild beyond the issues above to see us down more content than we had previously, expand our raiding team to include a handful more capable players, and help stabilize our core group and provide a solid foundation for continued in-game success.

I know not everyone has liked some of my decisions…asking people to sit is never easy, and no one likes it, but in this guild EVERYONE has to take a turn on the bench. And when the only 2 people who complain are 2 of the very officers suggesting I step down as GM…well, call me paranoid, but I can see a picture getting much much clearer.

Well, having one of them snap at me that “no one gives a s*** about what you have to say” regarding a brief conversation with another guild member…well, ok its either they go or I go. The decision was clear with 3 of the officers having expressed previously that I should step back. And honestly…I didn’t feel like anyone was very sad to see me go. There was one “Can we discuss this” but my response was simply “what do you expect me to do?” Can someone be the GM of a guild when the officer core has little or no respect for them? Can someone continue to be a contributing member of a guild when forced out as the GM? The logical conclusion is to simply step away entirely and say, Thank you, but no thank you. A choice had to be made: GM A vs Officer B…Clearly they would choose the later. I don’t know how they will do without me, I suspect nothing will change, but time will tell.

Do I regret my decision…yes and no. I could no longer take the disrespect and constant looking over my shoulder, walking on eggshells, and fear of opening my mouth for how it will be construed. One can not effectively lead in that kind of situation. I do regret it coming to this. There were a couple things I could have done differently, they may have been better, perhaps worse.

How would you or have you handled this? Have you seen a GM forced out regardless of a guild’s measurable success simply over differences or dislikes?

So…anyone need a raiding/PvP Orc Hunter? Ilvl 358 🙂


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