Grats to one of our biggest contributors – Frostheim!!!

Others have said it, I will repeat it…CONGRATULATIONS to Frostheim!

Frost runs the blog site Warcraft Hunter’s Union and is the hunter columnist at wowinsider over at He has had the dubious honor of having his WoW-moniker forever immortalized within game.

Frostheim’s cloak

For the haters….get over yourselves. None of us have any pull with the developers and designers to the point of being able to force, coerce, or influence them to name an item after one of us. I would love to see Quori’s Bow of Whatever, Lyraat’s Polearm of Survival, or Morynne’s Bracers of Marksmanship! But alas, we have not been so honored. No hating from this hunter…just congratulatory thanks and appreciation that Frost was honored and that the devs do take some notice to our community voices.

As I have pointed out, I have been huntering since day one and it’s the only thing I know. I have seen many a blog that has had some good info and thoughts on our class. Mostly though they dealt with specific specs and roles for hunters.

Frost’s blog really has done an excellent job of providing full class-wide information. There is always relevant and informative posts and articles. This is a deserving honor and worth praise. Grats Frost! Couldn’t have happened to a hairier guy.



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