Chimearon sucks – That’s why my guild hates me!!!

That kind of says it all, don’t it 🙂

Our healers are having a rough go at this guy. I assured them I think they can do it, and that 80% is all about them. I said, “You guys carry us to the last phase, then the rest of the raid will mop things up for you.”

Its all about spell & target selection for the healers in this fight. I know that’s somewhat self explanatory and true for most fights if not all, but this one is a bit different. I’m not going to get into the details of what healers should or shouldn’t do here, I don’t play a healer and never have – so I feel somewhat incapable of making good educated commentary beyond the above.

What I will mention is the role the RL/GM has in this. I dragged them there last night…kicking and screaming…”let’s go to BoT!”…”No. We are going to BWD. And yes, we are attempting Chimearon.” “sigh”
I know its painful, but as a dps class I didn’t shy from Festergut – typically considered to be a DPS/Gear check for your raid’s progression in ICC. I relished that challenge. I min/maxed to get every scrap of dps out of my spec and gear. It was hard…very hard at first. Eventually we got it with our 10 man team, and in the 25 man of which I was a member. We wiped…a lot. Even Heroic mode was a challenge at first, and trying to get the achievements for it, etc.

Additionally, I forced a main tanking guildie out for one simple reason. The RL said we’re going to X instance, said tank’s response was – “No, I am not tanking that place, I don’t like it”. Well, it’s not his call, now is it. And we can’t avoid fights or instances simply because we don’t like them, they’re hard, or a root canal is the more preferred way to spend an evening. Doesn’t work that way folks.

So here I am being the hard ass, telling them…We’re going! And you will thank me for it in the end!! Well, there were no thank yous, and it did get bad as one of my healers outright said, “I don’t think we have the healing core to do this”. My response was – then I need to replace you with someone who can. Harsh? Perhaps. True? Absolutely.

As a GM or RL we struggle with one of the most fundamental issues of a social game with semi-tangible results and goals. At what point does the fact that you “like” someone, or they are a really “nice” person no longer enough justification to bring them to raid? It’s a line in the sand we all face, and have to contend with. Its not fun, or easy.

My measuring stick…

  • I am always apt to continue to give the player a shot so long as they are trying and measurable improvement can be seen.
  • If they hit a wall, I will work with them as much as I can to help them get over that hurdle and back on track.
  • If they give up on themselves…well, that’s a sure sign to cut them loose.

Not easy decisions whatsoever, and it can be especially nerve wracking for 10man raiding guilds on low pop servers where numbers and warm bodies are scare or limited. Heavy is the crown folks…heavy like a concrete slab holding you down on the lake bed. 🙂



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