Quick Hits!!!

Be sure to check out some of the links in my blog roll. There are some great reads at those blog sites and listens in podcast form…I fully endorse and support those folks.

While the WHU, OutDPS, Petopia, The Instance – should be considered required reading/listening by Hunters (and everyone really) everywhere in Azeroth. I personally would like to plug a couple excellent but perhaps underrated blogs/casts…

World of Matticus
Matt gives great information regarding healing (his primary role), but also speaks fairly well about Raid Leading and Guild Management. Good reads, regular updates, and a nifty podcast to go along with it.

Lyraat’s Blog
Survival Hunter on Elune. Good dude, smart hunter, good reads. I think we share similar mindsets regarding the game, so perhaps my opinion is biased. I suggest you check him out and determine that for yourself.

Marks 365
Morynne is just all sorts of awesomesauce. Always has excellent straightforward strategies to read through with specifics on what Hunters need to know.

TOG Podcast
The other guys…Daewin and B.Hough. Good cast with good info. Entertaining and fun.


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