Current State of Mind….

I am so tired right now – and yes, Cata is to blame.

The game mechanics are not harder than before. It’s really a question of the same basic principles – don’t stand in bad stuff, do stand in good stuff, move when you have to, watch threat and aggro, use CDs at the right time, ensure survivability. What makes the game play harder is the newness of some of the encounters. There is always a learning curve. My 10 man had a relatively long learning curve for Valonia and Therelion….extremely short one for Maloriak. And of course gear plays a huge role in anything being face-roll or a wipe-fest.

So, why is this harder? People. Simply put, it’s the people. 10 man progression has become the desired choice…as a result, anyone and everyone wants to make a guild of their own and do their 10 mans. Problem is, it takes more than 10…really it takes 13-15 for a 10 man (need back ups and alternates for various mechanics or RL conflicts). But, no one wants to ride the pine, so if you are 11-15 on a number of nights, you are probably going to seek an open spot elsewhere. But there is a reason you were on the bench, performance, gear, unreliability, not a team player…could be any of a number of issues you can affect or have no control over. Now add in guild rep, some are reluctant to guild swap and move elsewhere thereby losing their perks. They may not be much individually, but collectively they are sweet “make my WoW life easier” bonuses!

So the relative few seeking new guilds…probably closer to the buyer beware side.

The people you want…they aren’t moving from their comfy home, even if they don’t like the neighborhood anymore.

Where does that leave a GM, RL, or veteran raider….screwed.

I have spoken often to folks on my server on how guilds are cannibalizing one another. I want my 10 man with my core people. He wants his 10 man with his core, and She wants hers. Problem is, we all are fielding 1-2 great players, 4-5 good players, 1-2 average players, and then the “rest” of the warm bodies who fill out your roster. You’d be stronger together. But no one wants to blink. Guild mergers, once very common in Vanilla and even in BC though they did trickle off in Wrath, are a thing of the past – Cata has almost killed the practice completely. In fact, we are now seeing more guild splits than ever before. Have a good 40-50 player roster, but only doing a 10 man, or maybe 2? A group is most likely going to splinter off and form their own guild…which does what? That’s right, weakens ALL of them.

Again, what does one do?

What can one do…to be honest!!! How can you control the actions of someone sitting at another keyboard? Its their $15 a month – they need to do what they feel is best.

BE OPEN – Communicate to everyone what issues you are seeing and be sure to convey your empathy. You are not unaffected by the same issues as they, so share in this struggle. It may actually bring everyone closer together in a wagon rallying manner.

BE FAIR – If someone is considering leaving, say your peace. Make your case. But don’t hold a grudge, and don’t force them to do something they are reluctant to do. And do this for ALL members of the guild. We are all quick to jettison someone who is a headache, and wanting to hold on for dear life to the cream of the crop; but treat them fairly and equally.

DUE DILIGENCE – use the recruiting methods at hand, and ALWAYS constantly be on the lookout for new people.

TWO WAY STREET – This is also a lesson for those seeking new homes!!! You want to go raid with a new group, be willing and open to listen to them. If your new RL or Officers have suggestions, take them under advisement with earnest…don’t dismiss them outright. I have been playing a Hunter since Release. I have done high-end PvP, end game PvE, run guilds, raids, been a good soldier, the new kid, the best raider in group, and the worst. We can always learn from others and accept that we do not know it all. I am always actively listening to other players and filtering for the little gold nuggets. Things I can put in my back pocket and pull out when I need them. It works, try it. Show up for the new raids, and be prepared – you are trying to make a good impression on your new guild mates and raid team…put your BEST foot forward, not your worst.

LEARN2RAID – this one bears repeating…LEARN 2 RAID!!!! This means be prepared to wipe. This means have the best available flasks, potions, food, etc on you. This means show up on time. This means need minimal breaks. This means be focused and give it your all. This means if you have RL issues, tell someone in charge and don’t be upset or angry when you get asked to sit….deal with your conflicts, come back when ready to roll. And above all else…do your best on each and every pull from the first to the last.

I know, I know….its self explanatory stuff. But trust me…we all need reminders of the simple stuff. And if people practiced the above more often than not – well, there would be a lot less drama and a lot more dead dragons all around Azeroth.



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